Custom Services

Custom Painting

When our clients ask us to do special custom projects, we are excited. This is what we love to do and we take tremendous pride in our custom painting expertise. Custom work requires the same attention to detail and professionalism that we would apply to any other painting project! We would follow the same steps that we always take. The setting up process, prep work, paint selection, and using the finest of tools all lead to an overall successful custom painting project.

We are not your typical crew! You won’t find us on a new construction paint job or spray-painting massive apartment complexes. We work with our San Diego clients who have special custom work and apply our master skills to see their special project come to life. We are passionate about all custom plans and we would love to hear about yours!

Custom Styles, Finish and Textures

Faux painting encompasses many techniques, including custom styling, finishes, and textures. The word “faux” literally means false or fake and is a concept that goes beyond the limits of regular paint. When you use it, you will create exotic surfaces that imitate the texture of things like fabric, parchment, and antique china.

There are boundless possibilities and many different effects can be achieved. Ragging gives the timeless look of soft faded leather or chambray. For a mottled look of aged porcelain, using a technique is a dramatic option. Smooshing is a great way to give your walls the look of stunning moiré wall covering. A fresco technique will give a mottled parchment look and is reminiscent of old world style.

Envision your home in a whole new light. We are delighted to speak with you about making these gorgeous styles possible for you and your home!