While we offer almost anything you could ask for here are a few of our main services, more by request!

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Interior Painting

Has special characteristics not accessed when you’re painting the outside of a home. When you’re inside the home you’re in the client’s territory and you have to be able to relate to them in a way that they’re going to feel comfortable. When you’re doing interior painting, you have to examine the texture and condition of the walls in order to make the right recommendation about what kind of Sheen to apply to the walls so that they will look the most elegant and yet be able to be cleaned in the most efficient manner.

In interior painting choosing a shiny paint over an orange peel texture can bring out the ugliest effect in a room and knowing how to compensate for the surface areas that you have to paint can make all the difference between simply doing a job or bringing the right mood to the job.

After years of interior painting out on the field and seeing with our own eyes what works and what doesn’t in terms of color selections, we have been able to discern which ofthe two color groups to use and how they will affect the mood of a home.

Interior painting is not simply transferring product to the walls, it’s also about having an awareness of the texture that you’re placing on the walls and how the colors blend with each other.

Although interior painting can more easily be done by a homeowner than exterior painting the amount of care required to deal with certain surfaces can make it very challenging. For example in interior painting you may have to paint cabinets and these will easily show every brushstroke or imperfection that is placed upon them.

Similarly when you do the trim in an interior painting project you can easily ruin, or bring out the bauty of the wood by the prep and product selection and application that you choose.

When we take on an interior painting project, we try to gauge all of the factors involved, sometimes suggesting changes that may even be more laborious for us without asking remuneration just because we know that it will make all the difference in making that interior painting project success.

Sometimes in an interior painting project we have to take into account the level of toxicity that were bringing into the home environment. We have ozone generating loners for just such occasion, and were up on the latest developments in non-toxic paints.

Exterior Painting

Exterior painting is where we really excel! Because exterior surfaces are so unforgiving when it comes to longevity being able to gauge the state of the surface and the best ways to deal with it can make a tremendous difference. When I first started the business in Massachusetts exterior painting required us to sand down to bare wood these Victorian houses then put a prime coat and two coats of paint to ensure longevity!

The California weather though not as extreme in temperature as the New England weather packs a lot stronger sun which affects exterior painting in a different way. More often than not exterior painting jobs show their biggest challenge on the south facing fascia beaten by the sun which is also cracked and seems to the wood most of the paint being worn off of it. Termites too are of particular concern in exterior painting projects.

We were California licensed in 1987 to do all facets of painting and decorating. We learned through trial and error which techniques made an exterior painting job hold up the longest!

In exterior painting the challenge is not simply to make something look good but to have that look sustained over time.

We found that a thin-film of paint was not enough to withstand cracking in stucco and sunshine on wood.

Around the middle of the 20th century new techniques were devised to build commercial buildings with block in this block to porous to repel rain forced the builders to come up with a product thick enough to fill that porosity, today when we have an exterior painting project were able to apply these elastomeric paints with high build that are able to spend up to the sun and like chewing gum prevent new cracks from coming through as well as seal up existing cracks so that the weather does not penetrate them!

We are able when we tackle an exterior painting project to provide the right kind of preparation that will ensure that these materials both adhere and stay on the surfaces not just for years to come but for decades!

There are products out there whose manufacturers belief in them so much that they’re willing to extend lifetime guarantees and we make these available to our customers upon demand. These products can make all the difference between an exterior painting project that fails and then exterior painting project that can last and look as beautiful as when it was started for years to come.


Tex-cote is the registered trade Mark of a manufacturer of special architectural coatings that outperform normal paints in a variety of ways. Tex cote has been ahead of the curve in research and development of specialty products. They stand behind the Tex cote line with the Tex cote guarantee that surpasses most normal painting products. Tex cote has been an innovator when it comes to products that can withstand extreme weather conditions. I have been using Tex cote products on my paint jobs whenever called for for over 20 years. I am also one of the few Tex cote companies that are willing to do repairs prior Tex cote jobs.

Many times I get calls from people who have had Tex cote applied to their home by a company that has gone out of business. Because Tex cote is a high-end proposition many an unscrupulous contractor has set up shop, sold jobs, and when it came time to service those jobs closed shop, leaving those Tex cote customers to fend for themselves!

The difference between me and these large operators is that I am willing to do the work of applying Tex cote at a price that is reasonable and to take the time to do the preparation needed to ensure that the job will last.

The downside is that because I am not a high roller and the company is interested in a high profit margin they are not willing to sell to me some of the best selling products like the Tex cote cool wall!

I have approached the CEO about making the product available to me but he has declined to answer my inquiry although it was the Tex cote company that first reached out to me because I had such an excellent license record.

First they wanted me to apply their Tex cote product for Sears and Roebuck in the Los Angeles area back in 1994, but since moving to San Diego I have become a Tex cote applicator on my own right.

Accent Walls

Accent walls are an inexpensive yet effective way to make a dramatic change in the appearance of any room in the house.

Accent walls require some knowledge of the caller groups and how they interact both with one another and the effect they have on people. A proper accent wall can make the wall in the dining room bring up more appetite to the dinner guests. A proper accent wall in the bedroom can increase the sexual feeling and add to the ambience. Proper accent wall in the breakfast room can help you greet the day with joy. A proper accent wall in the kids bedroom can help pacify them and fall asleep earlier! A proper accent wall in the living room can help transition into the garden and blend better with the environment. A proper accent wall in the bathroom can add to the feeling of elegance to be enjoyed by guests.

Similarly accenting walls without a proper sense of effect can be discomforting and create restlessness.

I had a customer in Rancho Santa Fe who after having me paint the exterior is home told me she would fire his interior decorator and follow my suggestions on interior colors. One of the things that he was most impressed with was the way in which I had taken his exterior chimney that had been painted gray and been able to return the natural brick coloring to it plus he really loved the way I added green to the gray paint that he chose for the exterior and helped it blend with the flora.

Accent walls are one place were taking a risk can bring about the right feeling when properly executed.

Roof Painting

Roof painting was first recommended by the energy czar of first Obama administration. Roof painting was a novel concept for arresting global warming. Roof painting represented a bold step ahead in reflecting the sun. Roof painting had actually been practiced for many years on mobile home roofs with elastomeric paint. Roof painting on mobile homes had a dual advantage of both sealing up the roof and helping to cool down the coach.

Roof painting is what we did to our home this summer.

It Took me a long time to convince Susie that roof painting would save her thousands of dollars in roofing bills as supposed to replacing the roof because it was worn.

Roof painting something that most people haven’t heard off and therefore are afraid to do, however roof painting can bridge the little gaps in the asphalt shingles that if left unchecked will end up needing for the whole roof to be replaced at an exorbitant cost.

Roof painting is something that I had already done to my own home in Escondido when I was advised by one of my workers that soon it would be due for replacement.

Roof painting is something I did to the tiles is beautiful custom home built in the 40s in normal Heights turning to weathered looking roof into this cute looking red roof right out of a storybook.

Roof painting took our roof which was beginning to break down and congealed it into a perfectly waterproof sun repelling surface which made it possible for Susie to hang out in the garage on these hot summer afternoons when previously it had been impossible to be there!

Roof painting. Prepared us for the wetest El Niño season in the several decades.

Roof painting costs a fraction of roof placing and far surpasses it in energy savings.

Custom Styles, Finish and Textures

Custom styles finish and texture are just another way of saying faux. Faux is a French word meaning false as in fake. Custom style finish and texture have become very fashionable especially for the wealthy because they are away going beyond the ordinary and adding dimension to an otherwise plain looking area. Custom styles finish and texture can make a plain looking column seem like it’s made out of marble. Custom styles finish and texture can make a wall look like it belongs in Venice.

I had a customer in Vista who taught me how to make her ceiling look like a fresco right out of Italy because she did not want to co-op on in a frame ladder and do the work herself.

I had an Italian restaurant owner assist me in transforming the bedroom into a beautiful multifaceted painting.

Custom styles finish and texture is an artistic way of transforming the mundane into the sublime.

Custom styles finish and texture cannot be done with just a sprayer and a roller.

Custom styles finish and texture requires you to do every stroke by hand pondering over every inch of the terrain that you’re going to transform. All of your work will stand out just as the smallest imperfection will rear its ugly head.

Custom styles finish and texture calls for an artistic sense beyond the Monday, and, luckily, it’s remunerated in the same fashion meaning it’s not cheap!

Custom Painting

Custom painting is what we do customarily. Custom painting the notes individualized work. Custom painting is to house painting what holistic medicine is to regular medicine.

Holistic medicine sees the patient as a whole organism its own individual needs that must be treated attending to all of its needs.

Custom painting is not a formulaic method but rather addresses the individual needs of the customer and their space. Somebody who does custom painting must be addressed special-needs of the surfaces that is working with and be able to deliver all that is pleasing to the client and aesthetic in nature.

A custom painter has to be a seasoned professional is not satisfied merely completing a task but doing it to specifications provided to him by his.

Custom painting is not what new construction painting crews are able to turn out.

Custom painting is not something that you’re going to see an apartment painter do.

Custom painting is what residential re-paint specialists like myself excel at.