3 Criteria for Hiring an Interior Painter

How you finish something is just as important as how you start. In fact – it may be even more important. Interior painting is the last part of a construction project or home remodel. It’s what finally brings everything together into one complementary palette of hue and ambiance. Hiring an interior painter is what Real estate agents recommend most to home sellers. Dollar for dollar, interior painting does more to improve the look, feel, and value of a home more than any other renovation.

Now, painting may seem easy enough, but in reality, it takes years of skill, vision, and patience to do a job well the first time. Messing up an interior paint job is no laughing matter. For the price of a few gallons of paint – a brush in the hands of the wrong contractor can end up costing thousands in cleanup and repaints. We want you to avoid the potential nightmare of dealing with handyman paint job specials. Here are 3 thing to look for when screening reputable interior painters.

1. Intimate knowledge of materials and surfaces.

Paint isn’t just paint. A wall isn’t just like any other wall. Your house is not like your neighbor’s. Ask the interior painter questions about their previous jobs, the scope of work, the paints used and why. They should have expertise in specific applications for different types of surfaces. An extensive catalogue of brand names should be easily recalled with pros and cons for each.

If with a little prodding you get the feeling you may know more than the guy you’re about to hire – move on. It isn’t worth the risk.

2. Tradesman vs Handyman Interior PainterCustom interior painting in San Diego

There are always a slew of handymen that advertise their services through word-of-mouth and hand-drawn, corner street signs. A handyman is a guy that has some knowledge about how to undertake basic home repair and improvement tasks. He’s the guy you call when you want to get something done, but you also want to save a buck. You hope he’ll patch things up for the next 3-6 months at least. This is a handyman.

What you and your home need is a professional tradesman. A tradesman is someone who has devoted themselves completely to their craft. By focusing on a single service offering, an interior painter who acts as a tradesman is able to focus their skillset and energy completely on a single task. Who do you want painting your home? Someone who’s experience only minorly overlaps onto a drop-cloth – or an interior painter who’s spent years devoted entirely to the craft?

3. They listen to you, but also have a clear artistic vision.

Anyone can pick a color and slap some paint on some walls. What makes a quality interior painter stand out is how they help create a space the Hiring interior painters in san diegoinhabitants love being in. Does your painting contractor ask you questions that go beyond budget? Do they appear excited and do you get the feeling they’re eyeing your home the way an artist looks at a blank canvas? You want an interior painter that possesses a strong artistic vision and exudes anticipation at the chance of working on the place you call home.

“Why you need American Interior Painting”

There’s more to paint than meets the eye – that’s why you need American Painting. We’re seasoned, professional tradesmen that have been around the block. We’ll spend time with you uncovering your specific needs and help you understand our own philosophies on color groups, Feng-Shui, and the unique challenges different spaces in the home present.

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