Now Offering Tex-Cote Coolwall with BIG Energy Savings

Tex-cote coolwall energy savings

I now offer Tex-Cote Coolwall.  For a long time (24 years) I have been a Licensed Tex-Cote applicator.  I have done a lot of House Painting using Tex-Cote Classic, and Elastomeric Paints, but the only way I could really save customers money on A/C bills before was by painting their roofs white (like we did at home, reducing temperatures by 15 degrees) or by suggesting they choose colors with a high LRV (light reflective value) on their exterior siding.Tex-cote Coolwall energy savings with San Diego painting contractors

I was completely hampered by the inability to incorporate a product into my house painting that would allow my customers to have the best of both worlds, the ability to have a long-lasting product, and also one that had other major attributes, like lowering the summer cooling bills under the power of the Southern California Sun.

Already I was providing a great house painting service by incorporating products like elastomeric, a waterproof exterior coating with high build able to resist the sun, plus the flexibility of chewing gum to cover small cracks and prevent new ones from appearing…

Tex-Cote Classic took it one step further, by adding volcanic ash to their formula they were able to come-up with a product that had fire-resistant properties, reducing the possibility of embers lighting the eves on fire as so often happens with wildfires, but Coolwall brought it to a whole new levell!

Tex-Cote Coolwall is able to reduce interior temperatures by up to 40 degrees Farenheit irregardless of LRV, because it relies on its IRR-infra red resin, a NASA developed technology that I don’t know of anyone else being able to incorporate, therefore they are the only ones in the market able to effect these revolutionary results.

You can now have a terra-cota home that’s cooler than a bright white house!  You can choose the colors you love, w/o the LRV color restriction influencing your choice, there couldn’t be a more exciting time!

The possibilities are endless when you can have your cake and eat it too, when it comes to painting  your home’s exterior having the Tex-Cote warranty behind their product totally sweetens the deal!

Call us for an affordable rate on a custom Coolwall application today!

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