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Did you know that there are hundreds of thousands of painters currently employed in the United States? According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the field is growing and there will be a colossal number of nearly 400,000 in the year 2025. San Diego professional house painting is no exception.

This got me thinking about the quality of all those painters coming into my profession! I can assure you that only a very small percentage of those painters will fall into the category of a top-tier professional painting contractor.

From my own experience, I realize how hard it is to achieve that kind of status.  It takes years of hard work, practice, and learning from masters to gain that kind of achievement and recognition from your peers and customers.

Before becoming an expert in San Diego professional house painting, I starting my painting career very early on as a teenager in Boston. There was no better way to learn than by practicing my newfound skills on old Bostonian historic homes. If you’ve ever been to New England, you will know what I’m talking about. These homes were built between the 1600’s and 1800’s. They are known for their highly-detailed architecture including columns, wood carvings, intricate moldings, masonry, and wood work. There is no better way to learn the art of painting than by having this ornate type of house to paint year after year.

After my Boston debut, I went on to a period of intensive training in England and France.  I learned from master craftsmen who taught me how to paint houses that were even older than those in Boston! The painters I apprenticed with were true artisans.  They believed in quality and never took shortcuts. Every home had to be prepped, cleaned, and meticulously readied even before we took out the paint and brushes!  This is where I was formally schooled and learned the critical skills you need to become a true professional.

My clients have come to know me as their accomplished veteran painter. When it comes time for them to paint their homes and interiors, they rely on me for the entire process. This includes the selection of paint type, paint finish, paint color, and what works best for the interior and exterior. They like the idea of knowing everything will be handled professionally from beginning to end, with outstanding results.

A Professional Knows the Right Paints to Use for the Job

I like to educate my San Diego clients at the outset of every project. When it comes to paint colors and finish, I know what’s best. For one thing, I like to stress that elastomeric paint is one of the most durable high-quality paints to use.  They are the only ones I recommend for exteriors that need protection from the strong San Diego sun.  These paints double as moisture barriers and will uphold your construction’s materials. Whether you are living in Julian with fluctuating temperatures or La Jolla with the humid marine layer, these are without a doubt the only paints to use.

There are so many things to remember when painting your home’s exterior—it could make your head spin! One of the things I tell my clients most often is to stay clear of exterior paints with a high gloss sheen or finish. This is because the sun will cause these types of paints to break down.  In addition, another good tip is to stay away from using a flat finish for your exterior. This paint finish is unbelievably porous and will attract and hold moisture more than you might realize. And the last thing you will want is moisture which will be a magnet for mold and mildew.

If you’re stumped on what interior finish to use, I always recommend a low sheen statin or eggshell for durability. It’s washable and perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.  A flat paint is best for most other surfaces because it doesn’t have a sheen and will hide most imperfections.  When you want beautiful and precise touch-up work, flat paint will be much more forgiving and will not make those troublesome defects stand out. For your trim work, it’s best to use “alkyd emulsion” paints which are oil paints that contain a water-base. Over the years, I’ve discovered how remarkable these paints are—they adhere beautifully like oil and are truly tough. And they wash up extremely well to boot!

Choose Your Paint Colors Wisely

If you’re like most of my clients, making decisions about color can be agonizing. I know my customers would much prefer attending a Beyoncé concert at Viejas or having fun at a Padres game! I like to make their color selection process as easy and enjoyable as possible—and I will always recommend lighter colors. That’s because they can influence and uplift the mood within a room and will make a house look larger on the outside. One of my wise words of warning is to consider how exterior color choice can influence insect invasions. White paint attracts termites and gray repels them! (Crazy, right?)

As a San Diego professional house painting goes beyond the paint job itself. Most of my clients need expert help when it comes to color coordination. I advise shunning trends that don’t offer long-lasting quality and timeless appeal. One of the most important things I like to emphasize is to make sure your colors are compatible. If you are using “cool” colors, you need to stick with similar cool colors so there is no clashing between them. If you are using “warm” colors, choose other warm ones as well.

Roof Painting and Lower Energy Costs

Roofs are an area of the home most clients never stop to consider! I regularly consult with my clients on how important it is to paint roofs. Aside from tiled roofs, most homes in San Diego are built with asphalt shingles. Painting shingles will protect them from sun damage and your roof will last longer.  Roof painting, as an industry standard, will keep your home cooler in the summer months and will lower your overall energy costs.

Contact American for San Diego Professional House Painting!

I have a strong hunch that everything you just read won’t cause you to pick up the phone to call me immediately—unless you are in the midst of actively searching for a painting pro! But when you are eagerly looking for your “amazing, intelligent, artful, and seasoned painting pro,” I hope you have bookmarked this page for reference!

Let’s get together when the time is right. We’ll go over all your project details and you will receive a clearly itemized quote with a written guarantee.  I look forward to working with you on your next professional painting project!

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